Teaching in person in the Thames Suite

Teaching rooms - Access

Access to the Evenlode, Isis, Windrush, Cherwell Rooms and the Studio is via a card (linked to the Salto system). The Digital Skills team use their University card to access the rooms. Cards for each room are available from Reception to authorised users (sessional teachers and other teaching staff).

Please remember to return the key/card to Reception at the end of the class.

Teaching rooms  - Ventilation and cleaning

We have been advised that there is fresh airflow in all rooms except the Studio and Cherwell. There are portable air filtration units in the Cherwell room and Studio.

The Thames Suite is cleaned every day.

Facilities for the teacher/presenter 

  • The rooms do not have facilities to allow hybrid teaching (e.g., appropriate microphones and webcams).
  • Panopto for audio recording/streaming of events is available in most rooms (see below for further details).
  • There are two computers for the teacher to use on the front desk linked to the two display screens.
  • The main display screens in the rooms can also act as interactive whiteboards and allow you to control the content being shared via the front desk computers.
  • You can bring your own laptop. An HDMI cable is available on the front desk to allow you to project to the main screens. If you need access to the internet, make sure you remember your Eduroam credentials. 
  • Before you run your sessions, we encourage you to come and test the computers to allow us time to address any issues you might find. 

AV/Computer support

Please contact Reception who will find assistance.

Delegate computers 

Files can be shared with the student computers in all the rooms. 

We allow delegates to bring their own device (BYOD) and use them in the rooms. See our guidance.  

We do not offer delegate support for BYOD.


Windows 10 and Office 2019 are installed on all the Windows computers. MacOS Monterey is installed on the computers in Cherwell. ITLC can provide a detailed software list. Please check in advance before your course that the software you need, and its version, are available. If the software is not available, please notify ITLC at courses@it.ox.ac.uk.

Guidance for delegates 

We have written guidance for delegates. This is on the IT Learning Centre's web page and is included with email booking confirmations for Digital Skills courses.  Please feel free to adapt and send it to your audience. 

Streaming and recording events using Panopto 

If you wish to use a Thames Suite room to deliver an online course to a virtual audience (with no delegate interaction) using the Panopto (Replay) lecture capture service, you can do this in the following ways:

  • Use Panopto to record the session and distribute it to your audience afterwards. 
  • Use the Webcast feature in Panopto to stream your session. Note that the stream has a one minute delay, so it is not real-time.  

The Evenlode and Isis Rooms are each set up with a ceiling camera and mic that shows the teacher's area at the front and as the computer screen and audio. 

The Windrush Room is set up for audio-only. 

The Panopto recording can be scheduled by contacting courses@it.ox.ac.uk 

And remember to book the room.

Hybrid courses and presentations? 

Computer-based courses and workshops 

We do not advise live hybrid courses in these rooms.

The easiest option for a remote audience is to use Panopto to record the session and give access to your virtual delegates after the course. Panopto can also be used to stream the course in real time, but you would need to consider the in-person/virtual delegate experiences for practical courses. 


If no interaction is needed with the audience, Panopto could be used to record or stream the in-person session to the virtual audience.  See the notes above about Panopto.


A web page with details about accessibility and the Thames Suite is available.

Welcome Area  

Adjacent to the Welcome Area, there are meeting rooms, offices, and an Innovation room. This means that the space is accessed by a wide range of groups for different reasons. We need to consider this when arranging our use of it.  


For every course/event, the trainer must have a printed copy of the register of attending participants marked to show who has turned up. They will be responsible for checking this if there is an emergency evacuation. For Digital Skills courses, this will be provided to the teacher.  All other room users should ensure that their trainers have this information.

Vending Machines and Water Coolers  

There is a water dispenser in the rooms and the Welcome Area. Snacks and drinks are available via vending machines.

There are water coolers in the teaching rooms. 

Food and Drink

We do not allow eating or drinking in the rooms (except for water).  Please ask delegates to eat/drink in the Welcome Area.


Toilets are located in the Thames Suite corridor and in the corridor by the main Reception desk.


The teacher should have a register of all those in attendance. 

Please get in touch with Reception if you need a First Aider.  

The fire alarm test is on Fridays between 10-11 am (no need to respond to this, but please warn your participants). 

If the building needs to be evacuated:

  • Leave the building immediately.
  • Take your delegates out through the closest safe exit and round to the meeting point in the Materials Department car park.
  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings.
  • Close all doors as you leave.
  • Remember to take your register with you and check that all your group are safe.
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorised to do so.   

Note: If someone refuses to evacuate, the teacher should take a note of their location and report it once you are safe

Open the exit routes map 


We recommend that you watch the Fire Awareness - E-Learning (E-learning course) (ox.ac.uk)

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