Teaching and Demonstrating for the IT Learning Centre

Casual and part-time (sessional) teaching

The IT Learning Centre offers an extensive series of practical IT-related workshops and courses. These range from best practice in the use of IT through to statistical analysis, programming and using bibliographic tools. You can browse a list of all our current courses.

Most sessions are three hours long. Morning sessions run from 9.15am to 12.15pm and afternoon sessions are 2pm to 5pm. We occasionally run full day courses. Some courses are offered as three-hour evening classes, starting at either 5pm or 5.25pm. Courses are usually between one and four sessions long, and usually take place in term time.

The working hours are variable, typically 6 to 12 hours a term. The hours you work will depend on the courses that are scheduled, your availability and the number of course participants for each course. We do not guarantee that you will be offered work every week.

As a Sessional Teacher or demonstrator, you will be expected to:

  • Converse clearly in English, have good interpersonal skills, and have a pleasant manner.
  • Have experience of a range of commonly used PC and Mac applications or have particular expertise in specialised areas such as programming or statistics.
  • Be reliable and have excellent time-keeping skills.

We pay an hourly rate for demonstrating, teaching and preparation. The hourly rate for teaching is twice that for demonstrating and preparation to reflect the extra responsibility you have when delivering a session. Current hourly rates are available by contacting the IT Learning Centre.


We look for people with a strong, in depth, working knowledge of a tool or process that would be useful to share with others around the University. We have a pool of 'sessional' teachers that we draw from to deliver both specialist and general workshops. Most sessional teachers are post-graduates, and as they move on, we look to replace them. Typically we would hope that you would be able to work with us for two-three years.

We don't expect our sessional teachers to be qualified in teaching or training (but that would be a bonus!), but we do look for an ability to communicate enthusiastically, knowledgeably and empathetically with those who want to learn. We aren't in a position to give you any formal teacher/trainer qualifications, but you will have access to experienced teachers who can advise and guide you.


The role of a course demonstrator (affectionately called 'Demons'!) is to help the IT teacher by assisting students during the practical section of the session, keeping waiting times to a minimum and ensuring the class runs smoothly. A course demonstrator will also help setup the room before a course if necessary. Many demonstrators go on to become sessional teachers.


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