Self Service Training Data Reports

The Self-Service Training Data Reports suite provides authorised staff access to the University's training data for bespoke analysis and reporting and is managed by the CoSy Support Team at IT Services. The reports combine data from CoSy, LinkedIn Learning, and MetaCompliance with various ’people datasets’ such as HR, CUD, and SITS.

Who can use this service?

HR administrators, divisional and departmental administrators, Athena SWAN coordinators, and training managers with reporting responsibilities are eligible to use the service.

What reports are available?

Two types of reporting are available:

  1. Compliance Reporting - showing who has and has not completed compliance-related courses
  2. Uptake Reporting - showing who has booked and completed training courses based on a complete list of courses available at the University

These reports are available via Power BI, and the data can be exported to tools such as Excel.

How do I access these reports?

To gain access to each report, staff must submit the relevant service request, which will then be approved by a senior administrator in your department or college. Once authorised, staff can access the system anytime to view and export the required data. The data spans the previous five years, starting from 1 August of each year.

Please note that it is mandatory for every user of the data to have completed the University's Information Security and Data Privacy training. The level of access granted and the data available will be based on each individual's role and reporting needs. Our data includes both staff and students with training records.