Compliance Training Data Reporting

The Compliance Reporting is one of the reports available in the Self-Service Training Data Reports suite. This report focuses on a subset of training courses that require compliance checks. If you want to see reporting on the full set of available training, please take a look at our Uptake Reports.

What does this report contain?

  1. Fields to highlight when action is needed to chase someone to complete a course. These reports will make department compliance checks easier and quicker and allow training providers and course owners to monitor who has and has not completed courses. It is important to read our information about leaver data before using the reports
  2. A subset of courses that are managed in CoSy. For ease of use, these reports have been divided by topic: a General Report, which lists a range of EDU plus other compliance-related courses and a specific Safety Report. A list of titles in each report is available. Access can be given to either or both reports, depending on the role and requirements. It is important to read our information about leaver data before using the reports.  

Please let us know if you need to check the compliance of a course not listed in either of these reports.

Please note that, apart from the Information Security and Data Privacy training, which is mandated at a University-level by Council, each department will have local policies which determine the mandated courses in their department and how frequently they should be completed. This service provides the data that allows a department to check and follow up with members of their department based on their local training policies. 

What data is available?

Three versions of each report are available in Power BI through the "Apps" section of the application. The version you can access depends on your role and training data reporting responsibilities:

  • The Standard App is the default version given to most administrators who request access to training data records.
  • The Enhanced App is for those who require grade and gender for monitoring/reporting.
  • The Training Provider App is for training administrators who use CoSy, and it shows University members who have booked the courses provided by the specific training provider. This report has more detailed data than the reporting available within CoSy.

Requesting Access

You will need to complete a Service Request to gain access to these reports. Please read our guidance on completing this.

Getting Help

  • Please check these web pages for help with these specific reports, including the FAQs about accessing this service and Help and Guidance using this service
  • If you have a question about a specific course or if the data you require is unavailable, contact the relevant training provider
  • For general help with Power BI please refer to the service catalogue. Note the IT Learning Centre does not manage the Power BI service
  • If you still need support, contact CoSy Support us via our form

Guidance for Training Providers

If you are a training provider please see our best practice guide about data management.

Available Fields

Below is a list of the fields available in the Compliance report. As well as these fields, there are 'calculated' fields that show if someone has or has not completed a course and the timeframes of any completions.

Training Course Name      

    Data Field Standard App Enhanced App Training Provider App
    Full Name       
    First Name       
    Last Name      
    University Card Number      
    University Card Category      
    Person Number      
    Department Name      
    Division Code      
    Sex* X    
    Grade X    
    Staff or Student       
    Staff- Post Category      
    Staff- Post Category Description      
    Staff- Post Sub Category      
    Staff - Post Sub Cat Description      
    Staff - Employee Status Description      
    Staff - Job Title Full      
    Line Manager/Supervisor X X X
    Team/Group X X X
    Student - Award Program Type Name      
    University Start Date      
    Post Start Date      
    Post End Date      
    Location Name (Staff)      
    Location ID (Staff)      
    Training Course Name      
    Training Provider      
    Course Duration      
    Duration Type       
    Delegate Status      
    Date Course Booked      
    Course Start Date       
    Course End Date       
    Delivery Method      


*The Sex field in the report is sourced from both PeopleXD and SITS systems. However, these systems code the attributes differently. PeopleXD uses Male, Female, Blank, and Unknown to represent the sex of an individual. SITS uses Man, Woman, Not Recorded, and I use another term.

Export your data to Excel and use tools in Excel to harmonise these terms.