Beginners IT

Beginners IT

If you are new to IT or new to the way IT works at Oxford, there are several ways that IT Services can help. 

The best place to start with your technical questions is the IT Services Help website or your local IT support team. 

To enhance your IT skills, the IT Learning Centre provides introductory training for those who are new to computers.

  • If you are new to IT and need basic skills – look at this resource 
  • If you need to develop your keyboard skills there are a number of typing tutors and games available free online
  • If you are new to Oxford and want an overview of IT at Oxford, then our Afternoon IT event may be the starting point for you
  • If you need some extra help with using your Single Sign-On (SSO) account look at our guide

If you need technical help with your Single Sign-On, please contact the IT Service Desk. The IT Learning Centre is unable to help with problems with specific accounts. 

Still struggling?

If you are a member of staff and think that a short teacher-led training session would work for you, please complete the form below. We will review and will contact you to discuss booking a place on the Beginners IT course, or there may be other ways we are able to help you.

If you are a student or postgraduate, you may find the resources on our induction page a good place to start. 

The  Getting started pages, aimed at new staff and students, contain step-by-step guidance specifically designed to help you get set up with IT at Oxford.

Beginners IT Course Application Form

If you would like to apply for the Beginners IT course, please fill in the form below. Note: This form needs to be completed separately for each applicant.  

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