Self-Service Training Data Records - Power BI Apps

Training data reports will be viewed in Power BI where users access data via "Apps" within the application.

The App that you can access will be granted according to the training data reporting responsibilities of your role. There are three different Apps. Details of the data available in each App is listed below.

Standard App

This app is the default that will be given to most administrators who request access to training data records.

Enhanced App

This app is for those who require equality data such as gender for reporting.

Training Provider App

This app is for Training administrators who use CoSy. It shows University members who have booked the courses the specific training provider has provided. This report has fuller detail than the reporting available within CoSy.

For each App, two different reports are available.

The 'Current Affiliations' report allows you to see the training data associated with an individual's present department/s, whereby if an individual has multiple affiliations an administrator from each affiliation will be able to see the individual in their department's data.

The 'Historical Affiliations' report allows you to see any training linked to an individual's previously affiliated department/s. Where an individual has no previous departments, only the current information will be displayed.


    Data Field Standard App Enhanced App Training Provider App
    Full Name       
    First Name       
    Last Name      
    University Card      
    Person Number      
    Department Name      
    Division Code      
    Sex X    
    Staff or Student       
    Staff- Post Category      
    Staff- Post Category Description      
    Staff- Post Sub Category      
    Staff - Post Sub Cat Description      
    Staff - Employee Status Description      
    Staff - Job Title Full      
    Line Manager/Supervisor X X X
    Team/Group X X X
    Student - Award Program Type Name      
    University Start Date      
    Location (Staff)      
    Training Course Name      
    Training Provider      
    Course Duration      
    Duration Type       
    Delegate Status      
    Date Course Booked      
    Course Start Date       
    Course End Date       
    Delivery Method      
    eLearning Score      
    LinkedIn Learning Seconds Viewed     X
    LinkedIn Learning Percentage Complete     X