Compliance Training Data Report - Using Filters

The Compliance Training Data includes five filters that can be applied to the report data to help you narrow down your search.

These filters are:  

  1. Completed 
  2. 12-24 months since last completion 
  3. 24-36 months since last completion 
  4. Longer than 36 months since last completion  
  5. Completed within 6 months of starting

You'll find the filters at the top of the right-hand panel labelled "Filters on this visual." To display the filters, place your cursor inside the data table.

Instead of selecting tick boxes to use these filters, it is necessary to specify a particular condition, such as a binary value of yes or no, or filter data based on specific criteria, such as completion within the last 12 months.

The advanced filters can be used in combination with each other and with the other standard filters available on the page. 

Using the filters: 

  1. Open the filter(s) you want to utilise, on the right-hand side
  2. Leave the top value as Contains
  3. If you want to check if people have complied with the filter’s rule (e.g., Completed), type Yes in the box underneath 
  4. If you want to check if people have not complied with the filter’s rule (e.g., Completed), type No in the box underneath 
  5. Select Apply Filter and the list of results will change 

Note: To clear a filter, use the clear filter icon in the top right corner of the filter’s box

To clear all filters use the  Reset Filters button.