SPSS: Up and running for academic research (Activity)

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This course is aimed at postgraduate and undergraduate students who want an insight into how to use the powerful statistical analysis tools in SPSS.

Pre-course activities:

This playlist will help you prepare for the workshop "SPSS: Up and running for academic research".

In order to get the most from the course, you should have some basic familiarity with statistics. This short (15m) playlist will introduce newcomers to some key statistical concepts.

If this is the first time you have visited LinkedIn Learning via Oxford University, there is a short registration process.


Post-course Activity:

These books are recommended as a follow-up for those who have attended our SPSS course. Have a look through, for topics that help you in your work.

"SPSS Explained" by Perry Hinton, Isabella McMurray, Charlotte Brownlow - a guide to SPSS user menus for analysis of data. Contains concise explanations of the statistical tests and interpretation of SPSS output.

"Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics" by Andy Field - an in-depth guide to using SPSS for data analysis with much more detail about the statistical methods and rationale. Written in a conversational/informal style, and covers statistical concepts in detail to aid understanding.

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