Referencing: EndNote - Managing your research reading (Activity)

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If you need to get your research reading properly organised, collecting papers and references and citing them in your own work, then a reference management app is what you need.

This activity will help you prepare for the workshop "Referencing: EndNote - Managing your research reading". You can do the videos in more than one sitting if you prefer.

Pre-course Activity

How to use EndNote in 7 minutes:


Post-course Activity

Note: those videos labelled "In action" are video-only, there is no voiceover audio

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The EndNote company provides a collection of videos. You can select those that are relevant to your work:


Upgrading from EndNote X9

If you are experienced with an earlier version of EndNote such as version X9, you may find this video about what's new in EndNote 20 useful:

What's new in EndNote 20

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