Terms and Conditions - Open Courses

Terms and Conditions - Open Courses

These terms and conditions relate to the open (scheduled) IT Learning Centre (Digital Skills and ITSS) courses delivered face to face and online. Most terms and conditions are the same for both training providers, but where there is variation this is noted in the text.


In these terms and conditions:

  • “Courses Office” means the IT Learning Centre Courses Office at IT Services
  • “Applicant” means an individual who has submitted a booking form for a course
  • “Participant” means an individual who has a confirmed place on a course
  • “Booking form” means the booking form in the online course booking system
  • “In Writing” means by letter/email/fax

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IT Learning Centre courses can be booked by all current members of the University of Oxford. ITSS courses are specifically for IT Support Staff at the University.

If you are not a member of the University and you are interested in IT Learning Centre courses, in some circumstances it may be possible for you to attend, subject to availability of course places. For external applicants, there are different charging structures, terms and conditions and booking procedures. We will advise you of these when you make your enquiry. Please contact us.


Applicants should complete the online booking form and pay for their course.

Applicants must ensure that they have the required prerequisite knowledge and completed any pre-course activities as set out in the course description or emailed to them prior to the course. For online courses, if software is needed the participant needs to install and ensure that it is working prior to the course.

At the time of booking, applicants must confirm that they agree to these terms and conditions.


Acknowledgement of the booking and joining instructions will be sent via email to the address attached to the participant's Oxford Single Sign On.

Waiting Lists

If a course is full applicants can join a waiting list. Applicants should cancel their waiting list place if at any stage it is no longer required.

Applicants will be contacted by email if a place becomes available. Places sometimes become available at short notice due to late cancellation by participants. We are aware, and regret, that last minute notification of a course place may not be helpful to all.


Participants are sent an online evaluation survey after the course which allows feedback to be submitted. Anonymised comments may be used for advertising purposes.

Digital Skills Programme

There is a charge for most courses. Students and postgrads normally receive a 50% discount.

Payment must be made at the time of booking.

ITSS Courses

For some ITSS courses there is a charge. ITSS often partner with external commercial training providers to offer courses and therefore need to work to the payment policies of these providers.  There is usually a cut-off date for payment, after which refunds and changes are not possible.  We advertise the cut-off dates in the course description and email communications. 

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by:

  • Credit/debit card
  • Purchase Orders
  • Journal/internal transfer

Further information is available on our payments page.


The location of each course is stated in the course description and in the confirmation and reminder emails. Most face-to-face courses take place at IT Services, 13 Banbury Road, however, locations do vary so please do make careful note of the location of the course you are attending. Online courses are usually delivered via Microsoft Teams but other platforms may be used.  This will be advised at the time of booking.


Courses start promptly at the advertised time. If a participant is delayed we ask that they contact the IT Learning Centre Courses Office (courses@it.ox.ac.uk) to advise us. If a participant arrives late and is unable to fully participate in the course, refunds are not issued. For face-to-face courses, participants are expected to arrive at the venue 15 minutes prior to the start time to ensure there is sufficient time to book in. Admittance to a course may not be possible for late arrivals if this will disrupt the course for the other candidates and/or cause additional calls on the teacher's time.  For online courses, participants are expected to join the session 5 minutes before the start of the session and to have completed any pre-course activities and installed software if required so that they are ready to learn.

Course duration

If a participant is unable to stay for the duration of the course this must be discussed with the teacher. Refunds are not issued if a participant does not stay for the duration of the course.

Refreshments and lunch

Refreshments and lunch are not provided unless stated. There is however a refreshment area close to the Thames Suite teaching rooms at IT Services where there are hot and cold drinks and snack vending machines. Facilities at other training venues vary. For more information please contact the training provider.

Note: no eating or drinking (other than water) is permitted in the Thames Suite teaching rooms.

Personal belongings

We cannot accept responsibility for any items lost or mislaid on University premises. Any items found in the course registration area or Thames Suite rooms will be taken to lost property at Reception.

Computers and Software

For face-to-face courses, unless stated in the course description, each participant will be provided with a computer with appropriate software and settings. If students are required to bring their own laptop/install software this will be stated in the course description.

For courses where a class computer is provided, we recognise that participants may prefer to bring their own computer; no reduction in the course fee is given should participants choose to use their own computer. Please see our BYOD guidelines.

For online courses, participants need to provide their own computer with any software required for the course installed.The ITLC is not responsible for supplying the software or installing the software onto the participants' computer.

Missed sessions

For multi-session courses, participants must attend all sessions. Refunds are not issued for any missed sessions of a multi-session course. We cannot provide recordings of a course if a participant misses a session (doesn’t attend or cancellation).  

Cancellation of a course place by a participant

If at any stage a participant finds that they cannot attend a course the course place must be cancelled. Note: Different policies apply to Digital Skills and ITTS courses.  Please read the relevant section.

Digital Skills Courses

Ideally, at least three full working days’ notice should be given as this gives another applicant enough notice to attend. Course places must be cancelled online

Even if a participant finds they cannot attend at the last minute, they must still contact the Courses Office as we can often still fill the place. In these circumstances, please contact us.

For Digital Skills courses, the refund policy is as follows:

Where notice of cancellation is received we will refund the course fee as follows.
Note: the periods reference the day on which we receive your notification of cancellation.

Notice Period % of refund
More than 14 days before the start date 100%
7-14 days before the start date 50%
Less than 7 days before the start date 0%

On receipt of your cancellation, we calculate whether you are eligible for a refund. If so, a refund will be issued. Refunds will be issued within 28 working days of the cancellation, by the method that was used to make the booking. This refund policy applies to all methods of payments - cards, purchase orders and journals/internal transfers.

If a participant fails to attend a course then the course fee will remain payable in full and no refund will be given.

ITSS courses 

Payment is required by the cut-off date (as advised in course description and email). If a cancellation is received by the cut-off date, a full refund will be issued.  After the cut-off date, refunds cannot be made.  Refunds cannot be made for non-attendance, partial-attendance or late cancellations. 

Cancellation of a course by the course provider

On occasion, unforeseen circumstances may require IT Learning Centre or Bodleian Libraries to cancel a course. In such circumstances, the course providers will give as much notice as possible and endeavour to organise another course date. If this is not possible or if the new date is not convenient for a participant any fees paid will be refunded in full, but no compensation will be paid for any additional costs incurred.

Transfers and Substitutions

Transfers and substitutions are not possible. Participants should cancel a place and rebook (see above for the refund policy).

Record of Attendance

An online record of course bookings is available in My Dashboard in CoSy.

A certificate of attendance is usually emailed to the participant after the course.  The certificate of attendance can be used as part of an attendee’s personal development portfolio as a record of skills development. 

Certificates for multi-session courses will be emailed after the final session. Participants must attend all sessions to be eligible for a certificate.

It is the responsibility of course participants to ensure that records of their course attendance are obtained before they leave the University as it is not always possible to supply these retrospectively.

Replacement Course Attendance Certificates

Replacement certificates can usually be provided if the appropriate records are still available. The IT Learning Centre may charge for each replacement certificate. Enquires for replacement certificates will be answered within 5 working days of the request.

Face-to-Face courses - information about accessibility and special arrangements for our face to face courses is available on our Thames Suite page.

Online courses - please contact us to discuss your accessibility requirements.  For example, a recording of the session can be provided if requested in advance.

Participants must adhere to the University’s health and safety procedures and policies.

Smoking is not allowed in any part of the building or the surrounding grounds except in designated smoking areas.

Any personal details provided to the course providers will be processed in accordance with the University's Privacy Policy. They will be recorded on the course booking system and database and not used for any other purpose than enabling us to organise and market the IT Learning Centre and for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

For more information about our privacy policy and how we use data gathered via this website please read our privacy policy.

Oxford University takes copyright seriously. Some of our materials are available under a Creative Commons licensing agreement but others are not. Before reusing or distributing any of our materials please contact us.

The University of Oxford is committed to enhancing the student learning experience and it is with this purpose in mind that the University enables the recording of courses, lectures and seminars.  ).  

The recordings are stored in the cloud in accordance with the appropriate University guidance and policies.

Participants must not record courses (face to face or online) without prior consent of the teacher and the course providers.

The IT Learning Centre may make recordings for educational and promotional use or for accessibility and inclusivity reasons. Participants will be made aware of any recording.

Classroom courses - The recording may include video, audio, and still images. Participants will have the opportunity to not take part. At no time will audience members be intentionally filmed or recorded without consent. 

Online teacher-led courses - The recording will include what appears on the screen, the audio stream, and the content of the chat panel. A recording will only be available to the person who has requested it for a limited time. 

Note: ITSS Courses - Online training courses provided by external providers will not be recorded and participants are NOT allowed to record the session(s).



If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please contact us.

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