Word - For your thesis (Toolkit Activity)

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Before embarking on a major piece of formal written work, such as a thesis, you need to master such features as styles and section breaks. Used consistently, these enable Word to manage your tables of contents, footnotes, picture captions and heading numbering automatically. For large documents such as books, it is worth designing a template beforehand so as to produce a well-behaved document.

Word is made available as part of the Microsoft Office suite and also sold separately.


This task will give you a flavour of how Word might help in writing your thesis, by building your table of contents automatically. This is just an example of the features which would be relevant to writing a formal document such as a thesis. You can try this task on your own, although it was designed to be done in a classroom with a teacher to support you.

For this task, you will need Word software installed on your computer. Talk to your IT support person about this.




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