Spreadsheets: Excel for Archivists Fast Track

Wednesday 19 February 2020, 09.45-15.45 (Full)

This one-day workshop compresses into one day the material normally covered in two days: "Essential techniques for listing archives using Excel" and "Data improvement and data migration" (for details see the course descriptions for Spreadsheets: Archival lists and text and Spreadsheets: Improving and migrating archival data).

The course covers Excel features and techniques which are useful to archivists working with text, especially in creating catalogues and preparing them for migration to other systems. Participants will be able to choose which of the available topics are most useful to them personally and will study them individually at their own pace with support from the trainer.

The teaching material consists of a handbook containing step by step instructions and notes, plus specially created Excel workbooks, mostly based on genuine archive lists and catalogues. The focus will be on practical learning, with lecture-style content and demonstrations kept to a minimum. There is also the option of including a problem–solving session addressing Excel issues and questions not included in the formal programme.

Intended Audience

This course is primarily aimed at archivists. This version of the course is ONLY recommended for those with the confidence and experience to work at a fast pace, guide their own learning, and understand new Excel concepts quickly.

It is NOT suitable for those who use Excel infrequently, who prefer to see Excel concepts demonstrated before trying them, or who prefer a more relaxed pace (for whom the conventional two-day course would be more appropriate).


Hands-on learning with some discussion and demonstration.

Taught Using

Essential: Excel (2013 or 2016) and Notepad

Desirable: Word and Notepad++

What you will need

Computer and software are provided. There is limited space for any device you use for note-taking.


  • Understand and apply techniques for using Excel with text in an archive context
  • Understand and apply techniques for improving data using Excel
  • Use with increased confidence Excel functions and formulas acting on text (including conditional formulas)
  • Understand and apply techniques for preparing data for migration out of Excel
  • Understand and apply techniques for migrating data into and out of Excel


Understanding and experience of using Excel in a professional archives or records context, including for listing, cataloguing or managing archives.


If you are not a member of the University of Oxford, the cost of each session is £165 (including refreshments and lunch). Discounts are available for members of other academic institutions. To book on this workshop, please contact us.

Members of the University of Oxford should book through our online course booking system (CoSy).

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