Excel: Essential techniques for listing archives

This one-day workshop will use genuine archive lists and catalogues to explore the features available in Excel for archivists and others working with text. It aims to increase participants' confidence in using MS Excel for listing and cataloguing archives, including box listing and preparing catalogues for export into Calm or other systems (carrying out import/export procedures in not included). There will be plenty of opportunity for hands-on practice and sharing experiences of using Excel for listing and cataloguing. There will also be the opportunity to address Excel issues and questions not included in the formal programme.

Intended Audience

This course is primarily aimed at archivists and those with cataloguing responsibilities.


In-person presentation with practical exercises

Taught Using

Excel 2019

What You Will Need

Computer and software are provided.


  • Increase confidence in using Excel with text
  • Understand basic techniques, including filters and sorting
  • Understand data types
  • Manage data efficiently and how to protect your data
  • Understand different ways to move data
  • Enter data using drop-down lists
  • Explore functions and formulas


We will assume that you have a basic knowledge of MS Excel, including opening and saving workbooks, navigating worksheets and entering and editing data.

Note: The following topics are NOT covered in this course (read about courses from the IT Learning Centre):

  • Using Excel as your main cataloguing software
  • Using Excel for accounting or statistical analysis
  • Use of macros, pivot tables or other advanced Excel functionality
  • Graphs, charts or other graphics functionality
  • Design and layout of spreadsheets or forms


Thurs 8 June 2023  10:00 am - 16:15 pm


Pricing per day, including course book and catering: 

University Staff Members £90,  External to the University £180



University Staff

External to University

Note: once you have booked, you will receive a short pre-course survey to complete.

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