Excel: Improving and migrating archival data

The workshop covers two themes, Data Improvement and Data Migration, using genuine archive lists to explore the Excel features most valuable to archivists and others. The Data Cleaning theme covers Excel techniques for transforming and improving data to make it more consistent or to prepare it for migration into another system. Topics include conditional formulas, combining formulas, and removing duplicate records. The Data Migration theme includes discussions on how data migrations work and planning a data migration project, exploration of how to structure data in Excel to enable successful migration to specific archive catalogue systems. It includes practising some basic migration techniques.

Intended Audience

Aimed primarily at archivists and those responsible for archive lists and catalogues who have previously attended Excel: Essential techniques for listing archives


In-person presentation with practical exercises

Taught Using

Excel 2019

What you will need

Computer and software are provided.


  • Prepare data for migration to other systems
  • Import into/ Export from Excel using character-separated values
  • Plan a data migration project
  • Explore data improvement techniques
  • Understand relative and absolute cell references
  • Use conditional formulas, combined formulas and lookup lists
  • Introduce XML and EAD
  • Subdivide columns of data


Either previous attendance of Excel for Archivists Workshop, including Excel: Essential techniques for listing archives, or familiarity with and understanding of the following within Excel:

  • Data entry using Autocomplete, Autofill and Find and Replace
  • Sorting data using multiple criteria
  • Applying and using data filters
  • Moving data, rows and columns using Cut, Copy and Paste Special
  • Understanding data types [number formats], and especially the consequences of using Number, Date and Text data types
  • Using simple functions and formulas to transform text (such as MID, LEFT, and CONCATENATE)

If you are planning to attend Excel: Improving and migrating archival data only and would like to try a short self-assessment exercise to test your knowledge of these concepts before you book, contact Gillian at gesheldrick@gmail.com 

Note: The following topics are NOT covered:

  • Using Excel as your main cataloguing software
  • Using Excel for accounting or statistical analysis
  • Use of macros, pivot tables or other advanced Excel functionality
  • Graphs, charts or other graphics functionality
  • Design and layout of spreadsheets or forms


Fri 9 June 2023  10:00 am - 16:15 pm


Pricing per day, including course book and catering: 

University Members £90,  External to the University £180


University Staff

External to University

Note: once you have booked, you will receive a short pre-course survey to complete.

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