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Keeping it Together

Nexus365 is so much more than just email. It brings a suite of apps that we can use to keep in touch, to store our work in the cloud and keep everything organised. Find out how you can use Teams and OneDrive to save time and keep track of your materials.

Even if we can't meet up with colleagues in person, online text chats and video calls mean that nobody has to be left out.

Remember that you can just turn it all off when you need to focus!

Signing in to Nexus365

This short video takes you through the steps to find the Nexus365 website with the Teams web-app, and to sign in. You will need to know your Oxford single sign-on and password.

Videos - the least you need to know

The teachers in the IT Learning Centre are curating a useful collection of resources to help us all make good use of Nexus365 and Teams. Use our "learning path" playlists for just what you need to know, to get started.

These videos are in LinkedIn Learning - with your Oxford Single Sign-on you can view all the LinkedIn Learning videos free (you don't need to be a LinkedIn member). Use these links to go straight to our shortlists of the videos you can't afford to miss:

Videos: Using Teams

Videos: Using OneDrive

Video: How to get started with LinkedIn Learning

And here is a helpful infographic on how to run a good video call.

Recommended Video Courses About Teams and Nexus365

If you want to know more, how about dipping into whole courses in LinkedIn Learning? We recommend any one of these titles - if you don't get on with one of the presenters, or if the content doesn't seem to be at the right level for you, try another title.

Watch the course "Microsoft Teams Essential Training"

Watch the course "Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks"

Watch the course "OneDrive Quick Tips"

Watch the course "Learning Office365"

Watch the course "Leading Virtual Meetings"

Remote Working - Being Productive

Are you working at home? Or is your working pattern changing?

Here are some interesting videos to help you think about how you organise your work productively, and how to keep things balanced. Pick out the topics that catch your interest.

Videos: About remote working

And don't forget to explore more of LinkedIn Learning for a huge range of videos to help you develop your digital skills for work and home.

How to get started with LinkedIn Learning

Lots of Learning Online

Our subscription means that you can use LinkedIn Learning free via your single sign-on - it's a terrific range of how-to videos and courses, on IT topics and more. These will help you fill that gap or grow your digital skills.

You can watch the videos on your own computer or mobile device or you can download the app (listen on your phone while you're out for your daily exercise?).

If this is the first time you have visited LinkedIn Learning via Oxford University, there is a short registration process.

Find out about LinkedIn Learning

Need More Hands-on Help with Teams?

Our IT teachers run helpful teacher-led workshops online, for anyone who is getting started with Teams and Nexus365.

If you need to be working at home, or away from your usual setup, we can guide you through the steps to get started with video calling, keeping in touch with colleagues, storing work in the cloud (including OneDrive) and sharing documents.

This workshop is online, so you can join in from wherever you are. Hands-on practice activities in a safe space, with our experienced Oxford teachers.

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