Referencing: EndNote - Get the new connection file for searching U Oxford

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EndNote has a built-in search tool, which can search online databases for references (journal articles, books and more). The connection details for searching the University of Oxford database have been changed (summer 2023). If you want to use this search, you will need a revised connection file.

These instructions are for you if you already have EndNote installed on your computer. If you haven’t, then visit and search for “I want to get software” to get your software.

You can download the updated Oxford connection file from the Clarivate EndNote website:

  1. Visit
  2. Use the site’s filter to find the “University of Oxford (UK)” connection file
  3. Download the file to somewhere convenient on your computer, such as your desktop
  4. The filename is U Oxford.enz
  5. Open the downloaded .enz file using your copy of EndNote eg. double-click the .enz filename on your desktop
  6. The connection file opens in EndNote, using the built-in editing tool
  7. Save the connection file into EndNote, by choosing File/Save As
  8. Correct the suggested name to be U Oxford (you should delete “Copy”)
  9. Close EndNote
  10. Start EndNote
  11. Test the online search for U Oxford

Learn more about using EndNote to search for references, maintain a research reading list with a collection of PDFs, and automatically add citations and a bibliography to your documents, in courses at the IT Learning Centre. Visit the current what’s on list.

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