Arranging a private course

What is a private course?

We can offer private courses for your group - this could be one of our pre-designed digital skills courses or something more bespoke.

With a 'private course' for your group:

  • only your group of staff or students will attend
  • the course is organised at a time to suit you

Usually, private courses are for groups of between six and twenty participants. The maximum number will depend on the delivery method – online or in person.

Costs for private courses

We make a charge to run a private course. The charging structure is simple: we make a single charge for your whole group. 

If you opt for one of our pre-designed courses it will cover the same topics as its corresponding open version. 

Sometimes, our pre-designed courses may not quite match your requirements: we can develop content to fit your specific needs. There is a one-off charge for this development work in addition to the delivery charge for a group course.

We can also negotiate with external subject experts and course providers and can often arrange a specialised course at favourable rates. For courses delivered by external training providers, we pass on the cost to you.

How private courses work

You identify an area of IT learning that would benefit your group. You talk to us and we agree the time, place and cost. Then we:

  • organise the sign up of your delegates onto the course
  • deliver the course, online or in person (if in person the course will usually be delivered in Thames Suite at IT Services)
  • collect feedback from participants so that you can be sure the learning was effective
  • offer participants post-course learning opportunities

How to book a private course

We make the process of organising a private course as easy as possible. Start by looking at the courses we offer and then contact us using the enquiry form below. We will arrange for one of our teachers to talk with you.

You can view a list of the courses we offer, together with details of what is covered: VIEW LIST OF COURSES

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