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The NUG user group has a Team where you can keep in touch with all the latest announcements, debates and late-breaking news.

Here’s how you can self-join the NUG Team: 

  1. Start Teams as usual (you can use the Teams web page or the desktop app)
  2. Click the Teams button in the left-hand column, once or twice as necessary to see your dashboard of tiles showing the Teams you already belong to
  3. Click Join or create team
    (usually at top-right but if you are not using the Grid layout it may be at bottom-left!)
  4. Look for the Join a team with a code option and type in the following code: w2c7be7
  5. Click Join team and you’ll be added to the NUG Team as a member
  6. The NUG Team tile will appear on your Teams dashboard, and you will be able to look inside it, read the contents and join in the discussions


itlc joinateamwithacode



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