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CoSy Course Signposting Embed Code Tool   

We have created a simple yet effective solution for creating a Resource Finder/Course Signposting page for Mosaic websites. With this tool, you can streamline the course discovery and booking process, making it easier for your users to find the courses they need. The course lists can be sorted, searched, and filtered, and you can include courses from different training providers on one page. Full course descriptions and direct booking links to CoSy are included.

Note: This tool works on Mosaic web pages with courses that are managed in the CoSy course booking system.

We are exploring whether this tool can also be used on other web platforms used at the University, such as Haiku and SharePoint.

Explore our examples

Below are some examples of the Resource Finder/Signposting tool in use:

Digital Skills Resource Finder

  • This example includes courses from multiple sources (in this case the IT Learning Centre, Research Services, Centre for Teaching and Learning and Linkedin Learning)
  • It uses the 'Course Title', 'Delivery Method, 'Cost', 'Capabilities' and 'Provider' columns

Topic example

  • This example uses courses which focus on a specific topic, in this case Excel
  • It uses the 'Course Title', 'Delivery', 'Cost' and 'Provider' columns

Create your page using the Embed Code Tool  

To create the page, we have developed an Embed Code Tool which can be used by web editors. It allows the web editor to curate a course list and choose which information fields to include.

To request access use the embed code generator, please complete the Service Request: "CoSy Course Signposting Embed Code Tool", and we will check whether the tool is suitable for your use case. If it is, you will be sent information about accessing and using the tool.

Embed Code Tool

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