Commission a private course at the IT Learning Centre

Are you responsible for digitally upskilling your staff or students?

The IT Learning Centre teaches over 100 digital skills courses each term which can be commissioned as private courses to be delivered to your group at a time and place which suits you.

How does it work?

Bring your whole team up-to-speed on a topic of your choice from £450.

See what other topics are most popular with other groups, or choose from scores of course titles.

Our teachers are from the University, understand your requirements, and score 4.8/5 for teaching quality.

How can I benefit?

Courses at the IT Learning Centre are taught throughout the year by IT experts.

The charges for the courses are less than you would pay to an external provider.

How do I book?

Find out more about how the IT Learning Centre can help your team navigate Digital Transformation here: Commission a Digital Skills course | IT Learning Centre (

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