SharePoint 2013: Best practice in managing documents (Activity)

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Please note that Oxford University is now changing from using SharePoint 2013 to using SharePoint Online. There are a range of videos and whole courses on aspects of working with SharePoint Online, in LinkedIn Learning. Oxford University members can follow our link to use LinkedIn Learning free of charge:


This session about SharePoint 2013 documents assumes that attendees already know the basics of SharePoint libraries and uploading documents to them. So it is important either to attend the course "SharePoint: An Introduction to Its Use at Oxford" beforehand or to watch the Pre-course Activity videos linked below, before attending.

Note that this covers the use of SharePoint (2013) on premises, as has been used at Oxford for some years. This activity will not prepare you for using SharePoint Online, which is being introduced at Oxford during 2020 and is substantially different.

This activity will help you prepare for the workshop "SharePoint: Best practice in managing documents". The videos will probably take you an hour, and you can do them in more than one sitting if you prefer.

If this is the first time you have visited LinkedIn Learning via Oxford University, there is a short registration process.




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